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Creative Ways to Reuse and Recycle Plastic

You may not realize it, but 50 million plastic bottles are thrown away each day in the United States. Many of our everyday items like laundry detergent, milk, and water bottles come in plastic containers. This can majorly impact our environment as plastic cannot be broken down within a landfill. As consumers, it’s our responsibility to find ways to minimize our environmental impact. Check out our list of creative ways to reuse and recycle plastic that will not only help you go green but save money, too!

Reuse Plastic Containers for Storage

Think of all the goods that come in plastic bottles – from whipping cream to coffee creamers, bulk food containers, and milk jugs. Why not reuse some of these containers for storage? Clean out plastic containers and reuse them as storage containers for snacks, storage for baking products like sugar, pasta, flour, and other similar products.

Go Green: Make a Planter

Have an extra two liter laying around? Instead of throwing your plastic two-liter into the trash, why not make a planter? Simply cut the bottom third of the bottle and plant it the color of your choice. Fill the bottom with seeds and soil and place in a sunny area of window. Voila! You’ll add some life to your home and reduce your impact on the environment. This is perfect for herb gardens and small plants.

Make a Watering Can

Turn your juice bottle into a water can to water your flowers in just a few easy steps! Poke holes into the top of you’re the bottle’s cap. You can fill up your plastic container with water to water your flowers and garden with ease.

Create a Bird Feeder

View the pretty birds in your neighborhood up close and personal with a DIY bird feeder. Take a two litter bottle poke holes into the sides of the two-liter so that they go straight through to the other side of the bottle. Place a wooden spoon through the bottle for the birds to perch and fill up the two-liter with bird seed.

Create a DIY Plastic Bottle Pet Feeder

Do you have a puppy or a cat? Then this is the perfect upcycling project for you! Turn plastic bottles into a disposable device for feeding your beloved pets. Just choose strong and thick plastic bottles to ensure the bottles hold up to the weight of the pet food. Cut a hole on one of the bottles with scissors, a little wide than the mouth of the bottle. Cut the other bottle in half width-wise. Fill the lower part with pet food. Close the pieces together in each other and unscrew the lid and place it in the orifice.

Reduce your Environmental Impact with AmeriSouth Recycling

We hope you find these creative ways to reuse and recycle plastic fun and entertaining! If you’d to learn more ways to reuse and recycle plastic at work or at home, allow AmeriSouth Recycling to assist you! We serve clients all over Metro Atlanta from Clayton County to Cherokee County. Reach out to AmeriSouth team to see if the cover your area by filling out our online form or calling 404-209-0002.

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