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Best Ways to Recycle Plastic Easter Eggs in Atlanta, GA

When spring begins to creep into Atlanta, Georgia the grass gets greener, flowers begin to bloom and you probably start thinking about all springtime festivities on the horizon. If you have kids those festivities likely include an Easter egg hunt featuring those little pastel or brightly colored plastic eggs filled with candy and other small surprises. What happens when the egg hunting fun is over? Are those little plastic eggs recyclable?

Read on for AmeriSouth Recycling’s tips for recycling plastic Easter eggs in Atlanta.

Check for a Number Before You Toss Plastic Eggs in the Recycling Bin

When it comes to recycling your plastic Easter eggs, the bad news is that you likely can’t toss them in the recycling bin. Typically, Easter eggs are not made of recyclable material and therefore they will not have a recycling number printed on the bottom. Don’t toss those plastic eggs in the trash, though! The good news is we have lots of ideas to share on how to recycle your plastic Easter eggs through reusing, repurposing and upcycling them.

Use Plastic Eggs for Spring-themed Crafts

You can continue the fun with your kids after the egg hunt has ended by using some of the empty plastic eggs to make some great spring-themed crafts. One idea for a craft that incorporates colorful plastic Easter eggs is plastic egg flowers. Just choose your egg colors, grab some green pipe cleaners to thread through the holes usually found on the bottom of the egg and you’ll have a fun, colorful Easter egg bouquet. You can also use your plastic Easter eggs to make a festive spring garland to hang on your mantel or a spring wreath for your front door.

Reuse Plastic Eggs as a Mold

Another clever use for your plastic Easter eggs is to use them as a mold for crafts and treats. The possibilities are almost endless if you choose to recycle your plastic Easter eggs this way but some enjoyable ideas include:

  • Bath Bombs – dress up your Easter egg bath bombs with glitter and spring colors
  • Rice Krispie Treats – dip your egg mold Rice Krispie Treats in chocolate and sprinkles to make them even more festive
  • Cake Pops – delight guests with these festive and delicious treats
  • Popsicles – fill your plastic eggs with your favorite juices and blended fruits for a fun frozen treat
  • Jello – single-serving Jello eggs are sure to please any crowd
  • Egg – shaped soaps will look adorable in your soap dish for spring

Repurpose Plastic Eggs for Kids’ Activities

Of course, one way to recycle your plastic Easter eggs is to put them away until next year’s egg hunt, but instead of packing them away, you can also repurpose them into some fun activities for your kids. You can let your kids use them in a sensory bin as a scoop for rice or beans or dip them in paint and use them as circle shaped stamps. You can also create an egg toss game using plastic bottles or fill them with rice, beans or popcorn kernels and make some music with your plastic egg maracas.

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