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Hours | Mon-Fri: 8am-4pm

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Address: 3799 Browns Mill Rd, Atlanta GA 30354

What to Do with Used Wrapping Paper and Boxes This Season

Big gifts during the holiday season often mean more packaging that clutters up your home. It can be overwhelming to have so much cardboard and gift wrapping in every corner of your home. Especially since online shopping shipping more cardboard boxes than ever before.

But how do you recycle large boxes properly? Can you recycle the mounds of wrapping paper from the holiday season? Check out AmeriSouth’s top do’s and don’ts for recycling for the holiday season below.

How to Recycle Cardboard Boxes & Packaging in Metro Atlanta

Large gifts like appliances, televisions, gaming systems, and even furniture can mean large amounts of cardboard boxes taking up lots of space in your home. Here are our top tips for recycling large boxes safely this holiday season:

  1. Remove any plastic or wrapping from the boxes. Often it’s not possible for recycling companies to segregate all items in your recycling, that’s why it’s best to do it before placing your recyclables at the curb.
  2. If you have large cardboard boxes, be sure to break them down. By breaking them down, you’re allowing more space for recyclables and an easier transport for the recycling company.
  3. Remember that plastic isn’t recyclable. If you have gifts that came wrapped in plastic, do not keep the plastic pieces in the recycling bin, but throw those in the garbage instead.

If you have more questions about what types of recycling AmeriSouth does check out AmeriSouth’s article on recycling here.

How to Safely Recycle Wrapping Paper This Season

There are many different types of gift wrapping used during the holiday season from wrapping paper to gift bags there’s a way to recycle most of them. Here are our top tips for recycling gift wrapping this season:

  1. If your wrapping paper is shiny, there’s a good chance it has foil in it. Foil cannot be recycled, so avoid purchasing or recycling this type of wrapping paper.
  2. Be sure to recycle the cardboard tube once you’ve used all the your wrapping paper. This is often a forgotten piece of recyclable material during the holiday season.
  3. Most gift bags can be recycled, but be sure to remove the handles if they’re made from plastic or non-natural materials. If the handles are made from a natural material like jute, they can be recycled as well.

Depending upon your gift wrapping that you used this holiday season, you may be able to recycle most parts with minor exceptions.

Recycling Holiday Gift Wrap and Gift Boxes in Metro Atlanta

Do you have a recycling company removing your holiday gift wrap and gift boxes? If not, it’s not too late to schedule pick up with AmeriSouth. We serve clients all over Metro Atlanta from Clayton County to Cherokee County – we can help you recycle!

Consider reaching out to the AmeriSouth team to see if they cover your area: (404) 209-0002 or fill out their online form and they’ll reach out to you. Prepare for your holiday season today with AmeriSouth Recycling.

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