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Tips for Going Green This Halloween

Are you looking to go green this Halloween to reduce your impact on the environment? There’s lots of ways you can use recycled goods to have a successful Halloween. From creating your own Halloween decorations, to using recycled items to make a Halloween costume, here are some of our best ideas to go green this Halloween.

Recycled Decoration Ideas

Instead of buying materials for decorations, gather supplies for arts and crafts through the year. You can use common household items to make fun Halloween decorations that can be scattered throughout your home and year. Turn stockings into spider-webbing, use cardboard boxes at tombstone, and make masks out of Styrofoam.

Make your Own Green Halloween Costumes

Store-bought Halloween costumes can be expensive – upwards of $50! – and a total waste if you plan on wearing it only once. Fortunately, there are a lot of creative ways to design a green Halloween costume. Use old clothes like worn t-shirts, pants, and shorts, and keep household items like cardboard, plastic and paper grocery bags, spray paint, and string to create a one-of-a-kind costume. Some of our favorite costumes to create out of common household items and cardboard are robots, ghosts, knights, cat, and Indians!

Throw a Green Halloween Party

There’s lots of ways you can go green when you throw a Halloween party. For example, send electronic invites instead of paper, use glassware and washable utensils instead of plastic cups and silverware, and be sure to recycle bottles and cans. Buy food for the party that is organic and locally grown or head to your nearest farmer’s market.

Trick or Treat Bags

Don’t waste money on a store-bought trick-or-treat bag. There’s lots of different ways your children can collect candy. Use a bucket, pillowcase, or even a paper grocery bag to collect candy. To make it fun, kids can decorate their trick or treat bags to their liking.

Pumpkins & Jack-o-lanterns

If you’re not growing your own pumpkins, consider buying pumpkins from local farms or farmer’s markets. If you are carving your pumpkins, toast the seeds for a tasty treat.

Recycle and Reuse

We strongly encourage everyone to reuse as much as you can from year to year. If you are getting rid of something, check with your local recycling center to see if it can be recycled. Consider composting all organic matter and recycling as much as possible to go green this Halloween.

Contact AmeriSouth for Ways to Go Green this Halloween

Whether you are making your own Halloween costume or taking steps to go green this Halloween by throwing an environmentally-friendly Halloween party, there are lots of ways you can be eco-savvy and have a fun Halloween. Use these tips from AmeriSouth to reduce your environmental impact while still having a fun and ghoulish time!

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