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Recycled Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

As Mother’s Day approaches, you may be getting a bit nervous if you know your mom loves gifts that are a little special, a little unique…gifts that are homemade. There’s no need to rush off and learn how to crochet, macramé or decoupage in order to make Mom that special gift.

Let the recycling experts at AmeriSouth Recycling help you get your creativity flowing with our list of simple DIY recycled Mother’s Day Gift ideas crafted from materials you can find around the house. With a gift that’s simple, easy, eco-friendly and from the heart, mom is sure to feel special and loved this Mother’s Day!

Recycled Glass Gifts for Mom

Gifts of glass have a certain air of timeless elegance, but while beautiful, some glass pieces can have a hefty price tag. Check out the below ideas for recycled glass gifts you can make from jars you’ll find right inside your recycling bin!

Mason Jar Desserts

If mom has a sweet tooth, a beautifully layered and ready to mix and bake dessert jar is a gift that’s sure to delight. Several popular brands of pasta sauce come packaged in mason jars that you can clean up and recycle into this sweet gift. A simple internet search will give you lots of ideas on how to incorporate mom’s favorite flavors and decorate the jar to make this a truly lovely gift.


If your mom loves pretty candles, then an adorable little homemade candle in a recycled glass jar will be the perfect Mother’s Day gift. You’ll need a fairly thick glass jar for this project so check your recycling bin, or your friends and neighbors’, for jars from some premium brands of yogurt and baby food as those tend to be thicker. Just follow your favorite candle making instructions, maybe even adding recycled bits of crayon for color, and you’ll have a thoughtful, bright and beautiful gift for mom.

Desk Organizers or Glass Planters

If you have a mom with a green thumb, or one whose desk could use some brightening up, gift her a handmade desk organizer or planter created from a recycled mason jar. These projects allow you to get creative decorating the jar in a way that mom will love. You’ll both be thrilled when you present her with one of these charming and useful recycled Mother’s Day gifts.

Thoughtful Recycled Paper and Cardboard Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

While cardboard and paper are probably common items in your home or office recycling bin, they may not have crossed your mind as items you could recycle into a Mother’s Day gift. However, this list of recycled paper and cardboard Mother’s Day gift ideas may change your mind!

  • Recycled envelopes made from printed paper
  • Decorative paper flowers
  • Cardboard box windowsill planter
  • Woven paper basket
  • Decorative paper flowers
  • Scrap paper notebook
  • Cardboard napkin rings covered with fabric scraps
  • Recycled cardboard photo frame

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