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The Best Way to Recycle Your Real or Fake Christmas Tree

During the holiday season it’s easy to overlook recycling as part of your day-to-day routine. With family gatherings and holiday events it’s no wonder that recycling can slip off your to-do list during such a busy season.

However, when the holiday season is over, you’ll be looking to get rid of your Christmas tree. Recycling your Christmas tree is a great way to incorporate green living into your holiday spirit – even if your tree is artificial!

Read our top tips for recycling your real or fake Christmas trees in Atlanta this season.

Recycling Real Christmas Trees in Metro Atlanta

Many families celebrate the Christmas season with a real Christmas tree. But what happens after the holiday is over? Removing your Christmas tree can be as easy as moving it to a wooded area to create a new habitat, but what is the best way to recycle your tree?

AmeriSouth Recycling suggests repurposing your Christmas tree by turning it into your local recycling program. In the state of Georgia, Keep Georgia Beautiful has an updated list of locations to where you can recycle your Christmas tree safely. The program is called “Bring One for the Chipper” and is hosted across the entire state after Christmas season is over. If you live in Metro Atlanta, you could be eligible to receive the mulch from the recycled Christmas trees for free from the program. Click here to read more about that opportunity.

Many other local municipalities will have opportunities to recycle your real Christmas tree, check with your local city government for more details.

Repurposing Your Fake Christmas Tree in Metro Atlanta

If you’re not partial to owning a real Christmas tree, you may be the proud owner of an artificial Christmas tree. Many tree owners don’t know that you can recycle your artificial Christmas tree as well.

Most fake Christmas trees are made from a combination of materials so it’s important to know that real Christmas trees and fake Christmas trees are not recycled the same way.

While real Christmas trees are often recycled through a wood chipper and turned into mulch, artificial trees cannot be dismantled in the same capacity.

The best way to recycle an artificial Christmas tree is to donate it. By donating the tree to a nursing home, school or charity, you’re providing opportunities to spread the Christmas spirit to community members that could use it for future holiday seasons.

Recycle Your Christmas Trees with AmeriSouth in Metro Atlanta

Is recycling part of your everyday routine? If it’s not something that a part of your daily routine, now is the perfect time to incorporate it. Start the new year with AmeriSouth as your recycling provider. They serve areas across North Georgia including Cherokee, Fulton, Dekalb, Cobb, Clayton counties and beyond.

Reach out to the AmeriSouth team to see if they cover your area: (404) 209-0002 or fill out their online form and they’ll reach out to you.

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