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Address: 3799 Browns Mill Rd, Atlanta GA 30354

Hours | Mon-Fri: 8am-4pm

Phone: (404) 209-0002

Address: 3799 Browns Mill Rd, Atlanta GA 30354

Recycle More at AmeriSouth Recycling & Recovery

Revitalize your local economy and help save the environment of the world you live in by taking part in one simple step: recycling! When you choose to recycle, you’re choosing to make an impact within your community and a statement that represents your care. That’s why we encourage you to recycle more, allowing you, your community, and your world to thrive the way that it needs to.

Don’t Let the Idea of Recycling Intimidate You

Does recycling intimidate you? Don’t let it! With our recycling services at AmeriSouth Recycling & Recovery, we believe that recycling should be easy—so we made it just that. Easy for you to understand, take part in, and more. You can even start with baby steps, recycling a little at a time. Recycling is made fun and simple with our easy to comprehend approach at AmeriSouth Recycling & Recovery in Atlanta, GA.

Are You Excited to Start Your Recycling Journey?

Does the idea of recycling excite you? Great—it excites us, too! At AmeriSouth Recycling & Recovery, we’re passionate about all things recycling, giving you the valuable insight that you need to make a difference in your local community. Join us in the always exciting world of recycling at AmeriSouth, where we’ll show you our tips and tricks when you choose to take part in reducing, reusing, and recycling!

Why Should You Recycle More?

The accumulation of waste isn’t just an issue for Atlanta, GA and neither is it just an issue on a national perspective; it’s a global issue that is taking the world by storm. For the continuous search for areas to bury this synthetic waste comes the issue of cutting down trees that allow us to breath, reduces the areas for wildlife to live, and creates an excess of materials that are part of the earth for forever. This is causing devastating effects to the environment on a monumental scale.

When you choose to recycle, you’re not only choosing to counteract these issues, you’re choosing to bring these materials back to life, over and over again. This is why we at AmeriSouth Recycling & Recovery of Atlanta, GA believe in the importance of recycling your materials when you can, providing hope for the people and creatures of the world.

What Else Does the Impact of Recycling Do?

Recycling not only helps the community, it also does the following, providing a domino-like effect on everyday practices:

  • Conserves Natural Resources
  • Reduces Carbon Emissions
  • Saves Energy
  • Minimizes the Need for Landfills
  • Leads to Job Creations
  • Saves Money
  • Accelerates Technological Advancements
  • Conserves Wildlife
  • Creates a Sustainable Future
  • Decreases the Risk of Deadly Diseases
  • Quality of Ground Water is Better
  • Cleans the Community
  • Keeps the Costs of Waste Collection Down

With all these beneficial factors that come alongside recycling, there’s no reason not to take part in such an enormous movement.

You Can Recycle More Than Just Bottles at AmeriSouth Recycling & Recovery

Recycling isn’t made just for the bottles. We encourage you to recycle the following items, making an impactful difference on both the landfills and your local community:

  • Plastic Bags
  • Mattresses
  • Glasses and Hearing Aids
  • Old Clothing
  • And more!

If you have any questions about the materials you can recycle, we encourage you to contact us today!

Contact AmeriSouth Recycling & Recovery to Recycle More Today

Contact the recycling facility you can trust at AmeriSouth Recycling & Recovery of Atlanta, GA. We’ll help you with your recycling needs, no matter how big or how small they may be. We encourage you to contact us either by giving us a call at (404) 209-0002 or by filling out our convenient online form. We look forward to helping you with all your recycling needs today!

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