Hours | Mon-Fri: 8am-4pm  | Phone: (404) 209-0002

Address: 3799 Browns Mill Rd, Atlanta GA 30354

Hours | Mon-Fri: 8am-4pm

Phone: (404) 209-0002

Address: 3799 Browns Mill Rd, Atlanta GA 30354

Meet the Team

At AmeriSouth Recycling & Consulting Services, Inc., our team of hardworking individuals come together to provide you with the best recycling and consulting services in the Atlanta area. We undoubtedly have a lot of character, making us a unique group of people that are here to make you smile all the while making sure your recycling goals are met.

We’ve taken great strides to help the city of Atlanta, offering recycling and consulting services to those who wish to help the local environment thrive and the economy grow. Learn more about our team and visit us at AmeriSouth Recycling & Consulting Services, Inc. today!


General Manager
(404) 209-0002 x112

Steven has been in the recycling industry since 1985, serving many people with exceptional recycling services. He has goals to build a world class transportation solution company, which would support and mentor safety and professionalism in the logistics industry. When he’s not working, you can find Steven spending time with his lovely wife, Lori Lynn, his three children, Michael, Tyler, and Damian as well as his wonderful granddaughter, Zoey.



Office Manager
(404) 209-0002 x114

Marie provides managerial skills that offer a streamlined process for those that wish to use AmeriSouth’s services. She started at AmeriSouth in Accounts Receivable in 2010 and has built her career up ever since. She’s the mother of two wonderful girls, and when she’s not working, you can find her spending time at the lake. Marie loves being in the waste industry, where making a difference doesn’t go unnoticed.



Shipping and Receiving Manager
(404) 209-0002

Misty has been with the facility for 8 years now and has over 20 years of transportation experience, in both import and export fields. When she isn’t working, you’ll find her enjoying a nice day on the water in a kayak, camping in a scenic area, or spending time with her dogs. She rescues and fosters dogs when she can, offering a comfortable home for homeless dogs.



Maintenance Manager
(404) 209-0002 x109

Kenny has been in the recycling business since 1989. Proud to provide his service in the recycling field, he helps keep the AmeriSouth facility in tip-top shape. In his spare time, you’ll find Kenny on his motorcycle, taking on the roads of the Southeast.



Plant Manager
(404) 209-0002

Troy is an avid sports fan, rooting for his team every chance he can. You can find him watching his favorite TV shows or enjoying a nice meal at his favorite restaurants. Before he became Plant Manager, Troy started in the recycling industry sweeping floors and sorting paper at a paper waste house in Doraville, GA.


(404) 209-0002

Josh has been in and out of the recycling field his entire life. With his knowledge in the industry, he utilizes his skills to help fix any recycling equipment that needs tending. In his spare time, you can find Josh tearing up the roads with his off-road vehicle. When he’s not in the mood to off-road, you can most likely find him fixing broken or outdated items, giving them a whole new life.



Shadow, the little dog that has won the hearts of many, is the mascot of AmeriSouth Recycling, cheering up everyone that she meets. She’s a rescue dog that showed up at AmeriSouth one day, wandering the property for food. Marie, the Office Manager, found her and it was love at first sight. She was named Shadow because of her tendency of being a shadow to the people she loves.

Shadow’s favorite food is a nice bowl of eggs and her favorite past time is being by Marie’s side. She’s at AmeriSouth Recycling every day – so if you happen to be at the facility, make sure to say hello to Shadow!

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