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How to Make a Halloween Costume with Recycled Materials

Halloween is just around the corner! If you or your little one are looking for a creative Halloween costume that you can whip up from recycled materials, we have some great ideas. Don’t waste money on expensive store-bought costumes. Go the greener and economical route and make your own costume from recycled items. There are lots of ways you can create a Halloween costume by utilizing recycled materials. Get started with these innovative ideas from AmeriSouth Recycling!

Create a Friendly Ghost Costume

A popular Halloween costume choice, a ghost, can be made from cutting holes in an old pillowcase or sheet. To make the ghost costume look more authentic, cut a jagged border along the bottom of the pillowcase.

Use Cardboard Boxes for a Robot

Use cardboard boxes to make a fun robot costume. Spray paint a large cardboard box silver and cut out holes for you or your child’s neck, arms, and torso. Use hot glue to add painted bottle lids to the box to make dials for your homemade robot. Wear gray sweatpants and a gray shirt or use strips of duct tape to cover an old pair of pants and long sleeve shirt.

Cowboy Costume Out of Grocery Bags

Have an excess of paper grocery bags? Put them to good use by making a cowboy Halloween costume. Paper grocery bags can be used to create a fun cowboy hat.

Cardboard Sword & Armor

Create a knight in shining armor costume by cutting out a sword out of cardboard, as well as armor. Spray paint everything gray and create a crown out of cardboard or paper grocery bags topped with jewels.

Have a Green Halloween with These Recycled Halloween Costumes

Remember, there are plenty of ways to make your Halloween a bit greener. Instead of buying an expensive pre-made Halloween costume, make your own out of recycled goods! And, remember, use an old pillowcase to lug around your loot. Have a Happy Halloween from all of us at AmeriSouth Recycling.

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