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How to Get Kids Involved with Recycling

As our future, it’s important to teach kids the impact of recycling on our environment. Many kids look at recycling as another chore, but teaching recycling habits at a young age, and putting a fun spin on things, can help them grow with healthy recycling habits in the future. Find out how to get kids involved with recycling in school and at home with these tips.

Creative Recycling Tips

To get kids involved with recycling in school and at home, you’ll want to find unique ways to make recycling fun.
Give your youngster their own recycling bin and have them decorate it will fabrics, paints and embellishments. After they are done decorating, they’ll actually want to use the recycling bin as they’ll feel proud of their work of art.

Be a Positive Role Model

Whether you are a parent or a teacher, it’s best to set a good example and practice what you preach. Make sure kids see you separate garbage into recycle and non-recycling materials. Bring reusable shopping bags to the grocery store and use glass bottles for water instead of plastic. Show your kids that recycling is easy and part of your daily lifestyle, so they follow in your footstep.

Start a School Recycling Program

If your child’s school does not have a recycling program, it’s a good idea to establish a program. Start by identifying areas to minimize area in each part of the school from classrooms to offices, cafeterias, libraries, and so on. Create a student recycling team to implement the school recycling program and encourage all students to recycle. Make recycling bins at school east to find and use by adding pictures of recyclables, plastic bottles, paper, and aluminum cans to the bins.

Reward Children for Recycling

Tying rewards to recycling can be one way to get children involved in recycling at school and at home! Develop a system to reward them for their efforts will keep them interested. For example, perhaps they recycle five days in a row, perhaps they can have an hour of computer time. Just make sure the reward is age appropriate.

Get Crafty with Recycling

One way to encourage your little one to reuse is to get crafty! Allow children to save recyclable items they can use such as aluminum cans, plastic bottles or scrap paper. Old newspapers can be used to make paper mache and plastic bottles can be used to make an organizer. This is especially helpful for those who love a little arts and crafts!

Set Up a Compost Bin

Setting up a compost bin is easier than you’d think. Get the kids involved in the end to end process – from setting up the compact bin to adding in grass clippings, young weeds, and leaves. Toss in vegetable scraps and other items. Once the compost is ready, you can show them how it is used to help plants grow.

Get Kids Involved with Recycling with the Help from AmeriSouth Recycling

These simple tips will help you get kids involved with recycling in school and at home. If you’d like to learn more about getting your kids involved in recycling, allow AmeriSouth Recycling to assist you! We serve clients all over Metro Atlanta and provide recycling and consulting services to businesses in the area. Reach out to AmeriSouth to see if we cover your area by filling out the form.

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