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How to Host an Eco-Friendly Memorial Day Party in Atlanta, GA

Memorial Day in Atlanta, Georgia is typically the time of year when the balmy spring weather begins to shift toward scorching summer heat. You may be planning to take advantage of the holiday weekend this year by hosting your friends and family for a party to welcome in the summer days.

If so, you’ll want to read this blog article from Amerisouth Recycling. We’ll share some helpful tips on how to go all out for your summer blowout while still hosting an eco-friendly Memorial Day party.

No Waste Invites

We imagine you have gotten the (hopefully electronic) memo by now, but it still merits mentioning that paper invites are out and digital invitations are in. Gather your family and friends email addresses, log onto your favorite digital invitation website and get the electronic word out!

Plan for No Plastic

Plastic cups, plates and cutlery may be disposable, but they are not always recyclable for a variety of reasons, one of which is lack of cost effectiveness. To make your Memorial Day party eco-friendlier you should avoid plastic items and seek out more sustainable biodegradable and compostable options.

You should also use cloth linens whenever possible. You could check out local thrift stores to score some inexpensive cloth linens.

Sustainable Décor

When it comes to décor, eco-friendly doesn’t have to mean plain. See below for some suggestions on how to festively adorn your tables and decorate your party space with sustainable and environmentally friendly items.

  • Edible items like fruits and vegetables
  • Local flowers
  • Reuse party decorations and/or make DIY décor
  • Garland and lanterns made from rice paper
  • Potted herbs

Light the Night Right

The soft flickering glow of candles placed around the outdoor party space is a nice addition to any gathering meant to welcome summer. When you are picking out your candles keep in mind, beeswax and organic soy candles are the most renewable choices and the healthiest for the environment.

Get Your Recycling Bin Out There

We are pretty sure you don’t want to sort through piles of discarded trash after your Memorial Day party to find the recyclable items. The best way to avoid this scenario and still recycle as much as possible at your party, is to have recycling bins readily available. If your local curbside recycling provider has given you a bin, you can put that out at your party. You can also purchase a recycling bin fairly inexpensively from several major retailers.

No Leftovers Left Behind

With any party you plan you always want to make sure you have more than enough food for your guests but what happens to the leftovers when “more than enough” turns into too much? You can make sure none of the food goes to waste by providing reusable containers so your guests can take extras home with them. Also, some local food pantries or shelters may take perishable items, so have those numbers on hand and give them a call and see what they may need that day.

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